Introducing ATAViK People.

In India, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7® is being emphasized a lot via Nokia’s new launch Lumia™. We are on developing an application on the WP7 platform so that we don’t miss opportunities. The new People™ engineers a new kind of interface and user experience which shows up brilliance in featurism and usage. Introduction Building with […]

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A doc, being prepared.

We strongly apologize for not being posting updates for, nearly, up to 3-4 months continuously. As we had our summative and formatives, we couldn’t take out time for updating. The lately heard AutoSense technology is taking some big steps to success. A document, wholly comprising of elaborating data only about AutoSense and it’s sub-techs, is […]


We, ATAViK Corporation are a company which makes software applications and technologies for a better world. The term ‘better world’ refers to an easier world which can be/is simplified.

Here, at ATAViK, we develop such software applications which are really useful for a normal computer user’s experience in their life. Basically, we aim for the easiest interfaced software which is so easy to use that even youngsters would master it. Innovation is the base of our company. Here, our developers innovate for an easier world. We think, design, share, code and share it again.

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